Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver artwork to new audiences.  We’re creating art shows that travel among a growing number of cities.  With each show, we intend to create a place where people can connect with art and with each other.  Our mission is to create shared understanding through shared experiences. We’re learning how to do it better every day.  


Our Beliefs

Art is for everyone.  We believe there are artists around the world whose art can be enjoyed by more people than it is reaching today.  We believe there are many people who could be appreciating art if it were made more accessible.

We believe that art plays an essential role in our society.  We believe artists are introducing new ideas, and their art is how those ideas spread.  

Art can bring people together.   We believe art is a window into an artist’s mind, an invitation to take on someone else’s perspective.  We believe that, through our shared experience of art and our varied responses to it, we can better understand the people around us and be better understood by them. And we believe moments of shared understanding are a fundamental human need.

For these reasons, we believe that an art show can be an intimate gathering place for everyone, everywhere.

A wider audience for art benefits all.  We believe that making art accessible to more people creates opportunities for artists to create more art.  


Partnering with Artists

Our partnerships rely on a few simple concepts:

Artists must be paid.  When people come to Wonderspaces to see art, the artists responsible for the art are paid.  

Artists must be credited.  We present artwork, but we don’t create it and we’ll never confuse anyone about whether we do.  Whenever we present artwork, we prominently display the artist’s name. When we promote our shows, we promote its artists and artwork.

Art, not advertising.  We present art for people, not for brands.  

Increase artists’ reach, reduce artists’ effort.  We aim to decouple our partner artists’ impact with their effort by becoming experts in the setup and care of their artwork.  Once we learn the ins and outs of their art, we become its stewards and we deliver it to new cities while the artists are free to create new artwork or to do anything else they want to spend their time on.  Their artwork is still their artwork; they are still paid and credited at every step.  


An Exploration

Wonderspaces began in early 2016.  Since our first day, we’ve been exploring the gap between artists and new audiences, trying to build a bridge.

Through our first shows, we’ve seen that our shows can deliver a shared experience that many people can appreciate.  Now, we’re looking for ways to improve and tour our shows. And we’re going to operate shows year-round.

We’re exploring how to make our shows welcoming as a place to be in-the-moment.  We’re limiting the number of visitors who can enter at a time in order to maximize the quality of the experience and minimize the crowds.  We’ve been experimenting with camera-free time periods, with how to deliver best deliver information to visitors, and with ways to connect our partner artists with what’s happening at the shows.   

We’re exploring what it takes to make extraordinary art accessible in cities across the country.   Recognizing that every community is unique, we intend to set up in a variety of spaces: a downtown cruise ship terminal in San Diego, a centrally-located mall in Scottsdale, a warehouse complex in Austin, to name a few.  We intend to reach people who don’t usually seek out art; we’re happy to repurpose spaces to do so.

We’re exploring how our shows can benefit the community, developing programs to provide tickets to students who may not be able to afford them and donate a portion of merchandise and bar sales to local arts groups.  We’re looking for ways to do more.

We’re excited to learn what’s possible in the space between artists and audiences.  We invite you to join us on this journey.


The Wonderspaces team

We are based in Los Angeles, CA

Please email us for more information.