Matthew Matthew

On a human scale

On a Human Scale is an ongoing mission to create a fully playable instrument of humanity. This global collaborative experiment began by filming a vast cross-section of everyday New Yorkers singing. Their individual notes are woven into a fully interactive video installation that the public is invited to play, using a piano. From amateur key banging to virtuosic recitals, each player of the instrument brings to life an immersive audiovisual experience that fuses music, film, people and technology into a living, breathing, singing cross-section of humanity.

The more cities we can bring the instrument to, the more of humanity's music we can capture, and the deeper and more transcendent our human instrument becomes. On a Human Scale was an official selection at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes. 


Matthew Matthew is the creator and director of On a Human Scale. Learn more about Matthew on his Instagram.


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