Dan Goods & David Delgado


Experiment 2.C



Experiment 2.C explores various notions of awe for a viewer to experience – a sensation of vastness, an inability to define the surrounding environment, and the feeling of being surrounded by one object with endless variability.

Dan and David are the creators of the Museum of Awe, a concept for the presentation of mesmerizing installations that invite viewers to marvel in the world around them. Each installation will draw attention to the everyday parts of life – previously-seen objects, environments, or moments which may have been overlooked. They intend to ignite curiosity and remind us to treasure the gift of being alive.

Experiment 2.C is the third iteration of the second experiment of the Museum of Awe. More information about the Museum of Awe is available at their website.

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Museum of Awe Experiment 2.C Dan Goods & David Delgado - Photo by Victor Ren_10.JPG