Charlotte Stoudt, Laura Wexler, Angel Soto, Skybound, Ryot & Telexist





Dinner Party is a virtual reality film based on the story of Betty and Barney Hill, the couple who reported the first nationally known UFO abduction case in America in the 1960’s. The film takes the visitor through their abduction journey, which is a remarkably different experience for Betty and Barney. 

The installation is designed to replicate the atmosphere of a mid-century dinner party. Visitors watch the film in the communal environment of the dinner table but are isolated within the confines of a virtual reality headset. This juxtaposed viewing experience connects to the broader concepts of the film’s narrative.

Charlotte Stoudt - Writer/Creator

Charlotte is a writer-producer on House of Cards. Previous television work includes six seasons of Homeland and development for Amazon Studios. As a journalist, she wrote on politics and culture for the Village Voice, the LA Times, Variety, and NPR.

Laura Wexler - Writer/Creator

Laura is a Baltimore-based author, screenwriter, and producer. She is the author of a nonfiction book about journalism and an unsolved mass lynching. She has developed for Amazon and is the co-founder and co-producer of The Stoop Storytelling Series.

Angel Soto - Director

Angel is a Puerto Rican filmmaker, directing and supervising VR Content for RYOT News. 

Skybound - Producer

Skybound Entertainment, the multiplatform entertainment company is the team behind television hits including The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, and Outcast.

RYOT - Producer

RYOT is an award-winning, centralized TV & film studio. RYOT has received two consecutive Oscar nominations for their documentaries, and have work on HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Hulu & ESPN. They produced some of the earliest 360/VR pieces for The New York Times, NPR, the Associated Press, HuffPost, and more.

Telexist - Producer

Telexist is a full-service Virtual Reality studio that has worked to develop a unique, multi-faceted approach to VR filmmaking. Well versed in everything from creative filmmaking to volumetric capture and interactive 3D animation, Telexist builds stories, experiences, and platforms.


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