Martin Messier





Impulse is a suspended work of five juxtaposed parts. Each part is made up of two metal panels linked to each other by eight wires that light up in a computerized sound and light program. In this project, Martin Messier proposes a poetic analogy with a technological twist to the functioning of the brain, in the form of the circulation of energy rendered visible by the paths of light traveling between one panel and the other.

Exploring the relationship between sound and material (objects or bodies), Canadian Martin Messier takes an interest in staging sound works. It gives voice to everyday objects, invented machines and bodies in movement. At the heart of his performances and installation works is the idea of pushing the everyday imaginary a little further by reinventing the function of the objects.

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Artistic director, audio and visual programming: Martin Messier

Technical design and fabrication: Thomas Payette, Maxime Bouchard (HUB Studio)

Electronic: Nathanaël Lécaudé

Technical helper: Laura-Rose Grenier, Dominique Hawry

Support: Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec

Production : 14 lieux 

martin artist paage.JPG