Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell


Sweet Spot



Stop. Stare. Sway. Repeat. Try this near and far. Allow time for the eyes to relax, as if looking through the wall. Move slowly. You may find yourself lost in the moment. You may forget you are looking at string altogether.

This is how artists Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell engage with their installation Sweet Spot. It is a meditative, low tech vehicle for an intimate inner dialogue - "What am I seeing?" This work is driven by the artists' fascination with color theory and optical effect. There is a sense of rhythm that is most effectively experienced in slow motion and in close proximity to the work. – Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell

Sweet Spot is an immersive installation made of 19 miles of multicolor nylon string. Visitors activate the experience by moving; every new perspective reveals color harmonies. The installation brings awareness to the act of seeing and looking.The artwork is composed of 19 miles of nylon string, strung 12 feet high.

Shawn and Mark are both natives of Indianapolis. Color theory is the basis of their artwork. They combine color rhythms and patterns into three-dimensional installations.

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