Toby Dye


The Corridor, conceived as a homage to the work of Stanley Kubrick and applying his pioneering camera and narrative techniques, immerses the audience in a square dark room filled with four endlessly looping films, projected across the four walls. Each film features a different character inspired by Kubrick’s filmography. It is a disorientating, hypnotic, tale of control, violence and the doomed cycle of power.

London based filmmaker Toby Dye has directed an acclaimed catalogue of highly distinctive work, recognised with major international awards.

He began his career as a documentary filmmaker, but today he works with the moving image across multiple genres and formats. A constant innovator, whether crafting fiction or non-fiction work, he often combines techniques from both disciplines with startlingly original results. Notable work includes ‘Paradise Circus’ for Massive Attack, the Grierson Award winning documentary ‘Bodysnatchers of New York’, ‘Phobos’ for Ridley Scott and starring Michael Fassbender and Katherine Waterston, and the filmed social experiment ‘Worlds Apart’, which touched a nerve with audiences worldwide, with online views of over 50 million, bringing his work to global attention.

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Producer - Rebecca Mills


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