Kent and Kam


Ama: Into the Deep



Embedded within a corner room at the historic Lafayette Hotel, Ama is an experiential hospitality installation designed to fully immerse guests in an underwater world. Inspired by the hotel’s iconic pool and deeply linked to the pearl diving traditions of Japan, the experience captures the way we find comfort in nostalgia and that feeling of the first time we ever dove into the deep end and stared up at the sun. From check-in to spending a night in the room, guests will be submerged into the depths of Kent and Kam’s Ama.


Kent Yoshimura is a muralist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. Throughout his professional career, Kent has directed content for global brands such as McDonald’s, Lego, AT&T, Benjamin Moore, Ford, and as an artist, he has been featured on NBC for his large-scale public art pieces, the New York Times for his mural work, and in TIME magazine, Huffington Post, Men’s Health, Vice and NPR for his YouTube videos. Kent currently runs the functional confectionery company NeuroGum and paints large-scale murals as both a freelance artist and a selected muralist through the Department of Cultural Affairs. In 2016, he painted the largest mural in Shanghai within a four story staircase, and most recently, he completed a 6,200 sq ft wall on the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, CA. 


Kameron Burk is an experience designer and creative technologist. Kameron has designed and engineered worlds in the built environment that have immersed and won the hearts of millions of guests through the clever use of technology and narrative placemaking. Having worked at The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering R&D, Kameron’s knowledge for the entertainment and architecture realm has enabled him to take on the design of a diverse array of environments. Kameron is currently the co-founder of a start-up that designs and builds immersive experiences in unique physical environments that specializes in using the latest in art, technology, and design to tell powerful stories and activate overlooked spaces in the built world.

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