onformative, Nick Verstand & Geert Schaap





ANIMA is a six-foot wide sphere with video projected on its surface, in 360 degrees, from the inside of the sphere. The video consists of abstract fluid-like patterns with a soundtrack of electronically-generated tones. Both the imagery and sound are interactive, reacting to viewers’ position in the room.

onformative is a studio founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in 2010. It now includes artists from a variety of disciplines. They seek to use experimental digital forms as a means of emotional, creative expression. Their artwork has been exhibited worldwide in a variety of museums, festivals, and conferences. Nick Verstand is an Amsterdam-based artist who uses audio-visual installations and performances to investigate human behavior and perception.


By onformative and Nick Verstand

In collaboration with Pufferfish

Sound design/Music by Geert Schaap